A journey of Art with Purpose


Visualise the earth from space. Ocean planet. Bountiful. Precious. And at risk.

This is our common ground as Earthlings. This is our Home…

And we all know that it is now more than time to Rewrite the Earthling user Manuel….


The only way we believe this will happen is to truly raise consciousness and reconnect with nature !


The Gaiarta team has been joined by a talented group of individuals from the Centre of Sustainable Leadership in Sydney.

Our project is to create a vessel that embodies the beauty and wisdom of nature, and to invite You on an epic journey of reconnection with ourselves and our World !


We will mindfully transform the classic yacht “Chandeleur” with the latest Sustainable energy solutions and research into bio mimicry to a new state of the art sailing boat, which will be home to a crew of passionate environmentalists, scientists, engineers, artist and more.

This crew will embark on an energy challenge as well as show case the inspiring gifted techniques of nature along the way…

We aim to do challenges such as the  Gaiarta's mission "Children of the tide" in 2021 from (Paris to) Venise to Sydney without 1 litre of fuel !


As we travel our Vessel will also be a Mobile Lab that will learn from people and their connection with nature to extend our library of nature inspired solutions…


Gaiarta is Primarily a project exploring new ways of communication through co-creativity and involvement of the people of the world that will be then connected as we travel On the Field and OnLine.

We will build a Live Platform of Co-Creation where the public will not only follow us but have a substantial Live input through their creative selves when we are on the field working with communities.


We really believe in the power of people when they live with aligned consciousness…..

We are a curious species that need to belong. Our aim is to show that we’re not alone, neither hopeless.


We have a chance here to create a worldwide community that will cross borders seeing people involved and co-creating simultaneously for a common purpose.


Inviting people to be part of a positive adventure for our world, feels to be the most powerful way to raise awareness and teach each other…


“Beauty inspires and Attracts”; that is why we want to Co-create Art, to invite people through their personal creativity to reconnect with this beautiful side of themselves ! Ironically creativity has been in decline for the last 25 years while being stated by many as the number one skill, and viewed as essential in our challenge to build a successful future…


Bio mimicry holds an incredible potential to rebalance some of our environmental challenges.

Our world needs to shift from a “Negative FootPrint to not only a Neutral FootPrint, but a Restorative HandPrint”.

Nature has 3.8 billion years of research and development for us to implement and evolve from the industrial age to the ecological age of mankind.


This is a project with 2 main objectives;

- On one hand this is A research and

show case of the wonders of nature,   and this sailboat will be a prototype for a new way of living as a society aligned with our environment.

- On the other hand, It is about Empowering people to reconnect with their creativity and their sense of belonging to this world as Earthlings.


-There will be Research on new nature inspired technologies.

-Energy Challenges.

-Show cases of these technologies through inspiring design made to   last to serve the people and our world.

-Action with and for the communities along the journey.

-Creation of a larger mindful community.

-conservation missions on the field.

-Art works and cultural sharing,

 and much more…..


We will put together enough information to give a TED talk on our project.


This TED talk will help raise awareness of the journey, and help to crowd fund the next step of the project.

We will also be putting out images of the prototype boat design to the media to generate attention.


Once Again… “You Are Invited on Board !”  who ever you are, bring mindfully your skills and presence!





The Gaiarta Team