8. Further to this we intend to live stream our journey online, allowing people from all the places we are unable to visit to join into the conversation.


Even when we were writing this presentation we had Christophe working with the team onboard, whilst we also had Rob working on the text in England; as well as Juliana working on the graphics in the Amazon jungle.


Indeed the whole project started whilst

Christophe was at the Centre For Sustainable Leadership in Australia; it is their support and contribution that has allowed the project to come this far.


We are only at the beginning of this chapter of the journey but we’ve already had volunteers from all over the world coming to France to help with the project, volunteers sharing their ideas and knowledge, with the trust that we can make this change.


Moving forward we’ll also be undergoing interviews with local people with the aim of putting together a short film/audio piece.


Therefore, when we arrive in Sydney at the culmination of our journey, we will have a powerful message, both visually and orally.

We really believe in the power of people when they live with aligned consciousness.


It is important for us to show everyone that we are not alone, and neither are we hopeless.


Ours is a chance to make a truly global community, one that sees us cross borders and co-create for a common purpose.


Biomimicry holds an incredible potential to rebalance some of our environmental challenges.


Our world needs to shift from a negative footprint to not only a neutral footprint, but to a restorative handprint.


Nature has 3.8 billion years of research and development which we can implement to evolve beyond the industrial age into the ecological age of mankind.